DNA building blocks found on meteorite

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DNA building blocks found on meteorite



nasa wrote:
DNA Building Blocks Can Be Made in Space NASA-funded researchers have evidence that some building blocks of DNA, the molecule that carries the genetic instructions for life, found in meteorites were likely created in space. The research gives support to the theory that a "kit" of ready-made parts created in space and delivered to Earth by meteorite and comet impacts assisted the origin of life.

If god created life here why would the building blocks be extraterrestrial?

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This was a really

This was some really fascinating stuff. Breaks open all sorts of questions and possibilities.

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Not a shock to me at all.

Not a shock to me at all.

I've seen scientific computer models of how solar systems form and plants. BUT, I also saw a space shuttle experiment on video where they took some tiny objects(forgot what they were) in a tube allowed it to float and the objects formed in the tube a pattern. I am not sure where to find that video, but we have enough space geeks here, if someone could find it and post a link.

Our planet literally started out as a bunch of various sized objects from particles to meteors slamming into each other and or being pulled to each other through gravitational attraction.

A layperson could think of it like rolling a snowball down a hill and it collects material in the process gaining mass.

Every element of the periodic table is a result of the processes that came out of the big bang. So it should not shock us at all to find hydrogen outside our planet, or Oxygen, or carbon or acids. It would not shock me at all if we found some sort of primitive microbe living on mars(certainly most likely not the surface), nor maybe one of the moons of Saturn or Jupiter where we do know water exists.

This is merely further proof that our reality is in scientific observation, not human invented superstition.


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I must've unconsciously

I must've unconsciously skimmed past this because I read the article in the news, but it's pretty cool stuff.

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very nice findings aren't they. But don't worry god folks. Genesis is just a divinely-inspired metaphor that seeks to explain what used to be unknowable...God used the meteors to hurl vital ingredients into the primordial soup...

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