Atheists progress in society.

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Atheists progress in society.

To the atheists who say, "nothing is going to change", IT DEPENDS,

I personally do not see a day when 7 billion of us lose all irrational claims and or superstitions. BUT religion none the less has to be kept at bay. TO THE THEISTS reading this, atheists are TIRED of the bullshit accusations that we want a fascist state. We may think and argue that you do not need your invisible friend or your religion. BUT most of us here having been raised in western pluralistic governments, DO understand the value of human rights and the protection of individual rights.

All that aside, the night before last, I was watching MSNBC and during the break I had to do a double take because The Freedom From Religion Foundation had an add on. But it wasn't one time and I have seen it several times since.

Now before I continue with my Hallmark moment, it must be noted that atheists ARE NOT the only ones concerned with church/state Separation, Americans United, is a multi-religious label including non believers as well who value "Jefferson's wall".

Back to my Hallmark moment. If someone had told me back in 01 that an atheist group would have adds on a major cable network today, the thought would have seemed impossible. Most of the time back then, at best you would have an OCCASIONAL opinion by an atheist in a local paper, but not much more than that, and even more negative responses to those opinions.

A little history on my part is in order at this point. Back in 01 it was the opinion of a Chicago nurse who was an atheist printed as an AP opinion that went nation wide as to the blatant God talk over 9/11 at the exclusion of non Christians of other faiths and people like her of no faith. That is what got me off my duff and got me active.

I went to the former website Atheist Nework where I met Jake and Reggie(Infidel Guy) and at that time there were very few atheist websites. Reggie a couple years later started his own, and this website started by Brian Sapient was because he found the Atheist Network and Infidel Guy. That was then, and between then and now, the atheist voice has exploded.


There are now tons of atheist websites, and you cannot do a google news search on the word "atheist" without finding a story going on somewhere in the world. Reggie was the first atheist to take an entire hour on prime time tv on Wife Swap, although he regrets the experience. Brian has debated Ray Comfort on ABCs Nightline, and best selling authors like the late Hitchens, Dawkins, and Harris are constantly making headlines.

This latest add from FFRF is just more evidence to me that while religion is not going away anytime soon, the atheist voice cannot be ignored or demonized any more. But it is UP TO ALL OF US to keep this going, not just the famous atheist, but every single poster.

This isn't just about atheists, this is about human progress in education and science, something EVERYONE should value.

Not just here on atheist websites, but also your local and national media, and your elected officials. KEEP IT UP AND NEVER GIVE UP!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a kitten to barbecue.









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