Contempt, By Brian37

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Contempt, By Brian37

Contempt, By Brian37

If you ask me
If I have
Contempt for faith
The answer is yes

Not as
A human rights
But in accepting

In accepting
Without testing
In accepting
Out of fear

Out of fear
You'll be punished
Our out of fear
It cant be questioned

You lack faith
Of claims of others
I am no different
Just one fewer

In contempt
Both us hold
That once held
In history old

Where once gods favored
Owning other humans
Where that of women
Were merely maids

In contempt
I hold attempts
To turn education
Into science fiction

I hold in contempt
Those who deny
Disproves virgin births

You ask me why
I have such contempt
For that of faith
I answer such

Fear of question
Holds us back
Contempt for that
I'll always have

That today is today
And wiser be
Our species advances
When the past we leave

I wrote this in response to a news story that talked about the Reason Rally calling it "contempt" for faith, as if it were a bigoted slur. I am tired of this bullshit when the "contempt" is not about bigotry or hate, but love of evidence and science and "contempt' for blindly accepting something because it is tradition. Or because it feels good. If our species had never questioned social norms our species never would have left the caves.

"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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