So why doesn't Israel wage war with Pakistan?

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So why doesn't Israel wage war with Pakistan?

Been a while since I've posted. Let's spice things up by talking about Israel contemplating war with Iran before it becomes nuclear. Most Israelis don't even support such a move. The majority of Jews don't support this move. And if a nuclear Iran is an existential threat to Israel, why isn't the same description applied to Pakistan? Based on the logic of Israeli politicians, it seems that they should have more of a compelling case to attack Pakistan rather than Iran. Pakistan is considered to be the most dangerous nation on earth. It has nuclear weapons. The fractured government has many factions in the military and the intelligence some of which have ties to terrorist organizations. Pakistan harbored Bin Laden "unbeknownst" to the Zadari government. And yet not even a nostril hair sized amount of plutonium has left that country's premises in the guise of something subtle as a smuggled dirty bomb. Pakistan has not used its nuclear capabilities. Why? Because they know that they would be obliterated in retaliation from a country like Israel if it even covertly handed over a crude nuclear device to say Hamas or Hezbollah. So why should attitudes be different towards Iran. I submit that a nuclear Iran is no more (if not less) an existential threat than a nuclear Pakistan. Israel would royally fuck itself up if it waged a war against Iran. And get this. A senior Pakistani diplomat said his nation would retaliate against Israel if it chose to bomb Tehran.

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Probably because Ahmadinejad

Probably because Ahmadinejad has said numerous times that he would "wipe Israel off the map", it is closer, and given its relative global political power the world community is likely to be less swift in coming to Israel's aid if Iran attacks them than if Pakistan was behind the attack. I don't think Israel will go to war with Iran, it would be suicidal without significant support from the US. But that isn't going to stop them from talking smack. 


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Beyond Saving wrote: I

Beyond Saving wrote:

 I don't think Israel will go to war with Iran, it would be suicidal without significant support from the US. But that isn't going to stop them from talking smack. 



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Jews never really had much

Jews never really had much of a love for Foreign Empires, save for the Anglo-Saxonic. Eye-wink

Is it possible US diplomats are urging Israel to raise the heat of their 'own' cognizance?

I mean... Israel does have the means, if not the will.

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