Dominionist Politicians

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Dominionist Politicians

Hey Gang,

Would anyone be aware of any credible websites that can provide a list of high profile Dominionsts, especially American politicians? I am researching for my next book, and I require evidence before I apply any labels. In advance, Thanks.


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"Mister Douchebag Santorum"

"Mister Douchebag Santorum" should make a relatively decent position #1 in whatever list you are looking for. Santorum -damn his dumb jack off hide- is looking for the "Leading Douchebag in the World" position on any of the lists, no doubt.

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Hi Rich

                           The leading stratigist for  Richard Dawkins is  Sean Faircloth his  latest videos take on that very subject. You can find one of his vids at  and several others at his video on 'Why Romneys religion matters ' is the best on the topic.


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