I want a close, personal relationship with reality...

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I want a close, personal relationship with reality...

John Hinckley was certain he had a close personal relationship with Jodie Foster, Chapman was equally certain he had a close personal relationship with John Lennon. A person with a fetish develops a close personal relationship to an inanimate object.

In all three cases, the object of affection wasn't even aware that the admirer (read, stalker) was alive.

So, my question would be if you claim a 'close personal relationship with Jesus/God, and you really can't claim you have 'evidence' that doesn't boil down to warm fuzzy feelings gleaned from reading a book of fables or talking to yourself, what makes you different from a garden variety delusional stalker?


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I was so sure myself, that

I was so sure myself, that if I just showed a girl I first saw in a Catholic church at the age of 9, if I just showed her how much I "loved"(hormones in reality) her, she would see it and accept me and love me. I wasted 5 years of my life being a wimp, simply pining for her, working up fantasies in my head, until I finally, after all that build up worked up the nerve to ask her out. And in less than a minute, after all that wishful desire, got shot down. AND RIGHTFULLY SO, because it was just me and what was in my head.

The only difference between Hinkley and Chapman and believers, is that they didn't have numbers. Delusion by one we stick a straight jacket on. Delusions by small numbers we call a cult. Delusion in mass we call a political party or religion.

Just like I was delusional in thinking she would want me because I wanted her, believers are merely projecting themselves in the form of wanting parents to protect them.

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