Scoliosis, By Brian37

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Scoliosis, By Brian37

Scoliosis, By Brian37

A huge beef
This entity has
With human behavior
And what we do bad

But what of what
I heard on the news
A black and white mammal
Who swims in a tank

What did it do
To curry neglect
To end up with such
A debilitating affect?

And what of my dog
Whom I had put down
Who suffered arthritis
No fault of it's own.

If PETA were god
Would it do the same?
Should animals suffer
If they cannot sin?

If such the case
When Vic did his bit
This entity watched
As the dogs were slaughtered

Marine biologists
Try to solve the problem
With a brace
Not a myth

No human or mammal
Nor blade of grass
Get harmed or protected
By fictitious gaps

This animal
Merely suffered
Flaws in evolution
Nothing more

I just wrote this poem after seeing a story on CNN, no link, just wrote this in response to the story. But I might have even gotten the mammal wrong, the story flew by fast, but the intent is still the same. It WAS a swimming mammal with scoliosis. The marine biologists built a brace to correct the curve in it's spine. They don't know if it will work, but that certainly is better than some superstitious prayer to a non existent god who doesn't even give a shit to care about an animal that had no choice in it's condition. So take the Killer Whale as poetic license if I got the animal wrong. Doesn't change the message in the poem.

Often we debate as atheists in terms of human existence, but what of the suffering of animals under this alleged beings watch? If we are to be held up to neglect standards to the pets and animals under our own control, what excuse would an all powerful god have?

The reality is that this mammal is just a victim of evolution. Vic hurt the dogs because humans are capable of doing harm to animals, much less other human beings. This is another indictment of the concept of an all loving all powerful god as a claim.

The bottom line is that neither the good or bad in life need a fictional super hero to explain. It becomes that much more absurd when you are talking about animals who have no capability of knowing better.

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