Nitney Diddling, By Brian37

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Nitney Diddling, By Brian37

Nitney Diddling , By Brian37

The specter Omni
Creeps up again
Failing to explain
The harm of kids

A dick in the ass
Or in the mouth
Of a 10 year old
In a locker room

And the spectacle
Of a mass prayer
To a god
Who did nothing

Insidious concept
Insidious excuse
How can he watch
Child abuse?

The state Penn
Is where he belongs
Both the perp
Along with this god

Took the same route
Knew of suffering
And did nothing

What would we say
To those with the power
The failure to do so
What of their morals?

It sickens me
To see such display
To use this crime
As a deity's billboard

Once again, in the lines of claims and concepts I am trying to demonstrate that the CLAIM is a broken concept. Again, the words ARE harsh, but not out of hate. It is along the lines of "Wake up, can you see what you are selling and believing"?

No one would hire a baby sitter if they did what this god did in watching and only doing something after the fact.

As I said in another thread, how many people would pay good money to see a Superman movie, if Superman was in an ally, in the movie, standing next to a man while the man raped a woman and slit her throat. Would anyone find that story moral?

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Yep.We may not be able to


We may not be able to prove absolutely there is not some kind of 'God', but we can prove to 99.999%, at least, that he is either asleep at the wheel, or explicitly evil.

Every 'miracle' is further proof of his dickishness, in arranging a publicity stunt, while millions suffer and die from the disease organisms and parasites and  bodily 'design defects' such as cancer etc etc.

Of course, the ultimate stunt, if it actually happened as 'reported', would be the Christ Crucifiction scenario.

Believing in such a prick requires such naive ignorance or willful blindness.....

So, yeah Brian, you are almost too kind to the idea of a such a being.


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