Revelations, human types, and instant fish and frog creation!

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Revelations, human types, and instant fish and frog creation!

I'm grieved that some people I know and think of as friends are gullible enough to fall for the nonsense of a guy like the one presented below. They've really bought into his outlandish claims and are already praising him publicly.

This guy's name is George Paschalidis and he supposedly had a 'painful revelation' in 2002, when 'the meaning of the universe' was given to him etc. (rings a bell?). He then wrote some books, for one of which he was awarded the Giuseppe Sciacca 2010 International Literature Award at the Vatican(!) - He claims to have discovered that there are three human types (A, B, C) based on skeletal characteristics.

You can learn more at his site:

His human type categorization can be seen at:

I think he can't have come up with all that himself (among other reasons, it seems unlikely as he never even made it past primary education) and that he probably copied the whole thing from somewhere. I'd appeciate any help, if anyone of you has come across those or similar ideas, so that I could debate against all this nonsense with his fans.

Below is perhaps the most absurd claim by this man, which really makes me wonder about the sanity of his believers.

Water and creation of life [by George Paschalidis]

Water is the only thing that can include all the elements and information necessary for life inside itself. However, only with the contribution of light and under particular conditions of pressure and temperature, may it create life forms. This occurs because light constitutes the sperm archetype of the whole of nature.

Water includes every type of information and the base of genetic code. Therefore, it is possible to activate water, which as a uterus retains information and as a wet nurse benefits development.

In this way, one can explain the “strange” phenomenon of frogs or fish falling out of the sky, which science attributes to some sort of hydro-whirlwind or hurricane that carries away these life forms from a nearby lake or ocean.

What happens in reality is that some sort of atmospheric layer, where the temperature is -17oC, creates lightening at a particular distance, we have the rise in temperature and pressure to 3oC and 3.5 bar respectively and the result is the creation of a life form (small frogs). According to the high level of atmospheric pressure, one form of life or the other is created at different time intervals. For instance fish are created under pressure conditions of 0.8 bar while, for superior mammals temperatures required range from -2oC till/and 1oC and atmospheric pressure ranging from 1-7 bar. Because pressure changes occur momentarily and strongly, the creation of the organism occurs instantaneously, resulting in its complete development, literally, in one moment.

This is also the reason why the organisms “falling from the heavens” are equal in size.


What? Did I get this right? Frogs, fish, and even mammals can be created instantly by lightning, temperature and pressure? Nerves, cells, blood, form, and all? And all the same size? *^&$#@!!!

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Ahhh I get it now it all makes sense....Wait no it doesn't WTF! this has to be one of the most ridiculous things I have ever read

I can explain it to you but I can't understand it for you.

You see that evil will always triumph, because good is dumb.

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Polonium 210 in his coffee

Polonium 210 in his coffee might help.

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George Paschalidis

Hello, everyone. I have not had a similar experience, I have had the specific experience of George Paschalidis, who happens to host people most days about 10 km from where I live in Thessaloniki, Greece, and whom I ignored for the past two years that some members of my family and friends of mine were praising him- simply put, I put him in the other pile of messianic, Omni-healing crooks etc. I am an avowed atheist and I have a scientific background in my studies- plus I have seen a lot of charlatans in my life and the mental confusion they cause to people around them.

My fiancé got sick last September- he had persistent stomach-ache. When the pain started, we made and appointment with a doctor who prescribed antacids. At the same time, my mother kept nagging me to go to Paschalidis, which I stubbornly refused to do. She asked him about my fiancé on my behalf and then she told me that Paul has a tiny wound in his ileum (the part of intestines between the small intestine and the colon) and that this is what is causing the problem- acids from the intestines were affecting the stomach, causing ulcers. I thought it was the stupidest thing I had ever heard. I thought, “ok, so he found something that we are not going to check anyways to put the blame on” and I ignored the whole thing. The antacids did not work and the next step was an endoscopy (in late October), where they found many ulcers in my fiancé’s stomach. The doctor asked us to have a colonoscopy and blood tests and he prescribed stronger antacids until that happens. They did a test for H.Pylori (which is the bacteria that causes stomach- aches in more than 80% of the cases) and it was negative. Next, my fiancé had the blood test and because his white blood cell count was more than 20.000 and two other indexes equally alarming, immediate hospitalization was required. At the hospital they put him on antibiotics for five days and the tests they did confirmed that my fiancé has Crohn’s disease. They prescribed treatment with antibiotics and cortisone and they said that in January he would have to start taking azathioprine, a strong and expensive medication that is an immunosuppressant – quite “heavy” for a 25 year old.

The tests that were done also showed an abscess behind his navel which the doctor treating him wanted to take out and for which I put a big fight in the hospital and asked for another supervising doctor because at the moment they were trying to get my fiancé for surgery, they still had not diagnosed Crohn’s or anything (and everyone in Greece knows that in our private hospitals they will put you for surgery for anything they can, just to get the insurance money). After my fiancé was diagnosed, I studied a bit online and saw that Crohn’s is a disease of the ileum, as Paschalidis had said. When my mum found out about the Crohn’s diagnosis, she went again (surprise, surprise!) to Paschalidis. He insisted that Paul does NOT have Crohn’s. He insisted that he just has a small wound that caused the whole problem. He said that Paul should continue his medication, that he should do the diet that he usually prescribes and that in January he will stop having pain and that beginning of March he will be ok. My mum also asked him about the abscess and he said that it would go away (all of my doctor- friends that I asked said that it should be operated on, although it was not urgent due to its size).

My fiancé’s pain stopped in January. He had an MRI, which showed no trace of an abscess. He continued the medication and he made appointments in Erasmus Hospital, in the Netherlands, where they have a superb IBS treatment facility. After new endoscopies, his treating doctor told him that he is completely ok, and that all they found was a very small trace of a wound in his ileum. He refused to put in my fiancé’s medical record that he has Crohn’s and he said that there is a greater possibility that he does not have Crohn’s- or if he does it is a very atypical form of the disease. That we will know for sure in the following few months.

The reason I am making this long and detailed description, is because I now think that Paschalidis does have some form of insight. In all of my fiancé’s medical adventure, he not once went with the odds (he could have said that the stomach-ache was H.Pylori, he could have said that surgery is needed for the abscess, he could have said “oh, yes, it’s Crohn’s that’s what I saw on the first place”, when the diagnosis was done. He went against the odds, and he was right every single time. If this were an experiment, these would be too many incidents for me to attribute Paschalidis’ sayings in pure luck/chance/speculation.

Also, I would like to mention, that he never saw my fiancé up close to diagnose, he always “saw him” through my mother. Finally, he did not get paid- at all. We didn’t give him one cent for the whole thing. From what I hear, he doesn’t ask for any money. There are some people that put some money on the side in order to sustain the rent and expenses of the places where he sees people in Athens and Thessaloniki- these people are people that he has helped. I think the only actual source of income he has is through his books, which are doing very well- but they have been out for the past two years and this man has been treating or diagnosing people (I have no personal experience of treatment that I can attribute to him, my experience confirms superb diagnostics, nothing else, since my fiancé was taking medication) without accepting any money since 2004.

The excerpt you mention above is weird, you are absolutely right. I have not read it but it does sound ridiculous. But from what I have seen, all the work about his books and website is carried out by volunteers- people that have received help from him over the years. Thus, all of the communication is lacking professionalism- the books have repetitions and they are written in a very simple manner. So, I could guess that a) he wrote something that he thinks is right but it’s not, b) that he wrote something that some of these people translated in a way that it sounds absurd, c) that maybe, it’s right- Anyone here have an major in biology and interested in doing a Ph.D on this? From what I have seen Paschalidis is cooperating with research centres and there are quite a few people working to scientifically back up his theory. Honestly, this nebulous genesis of frogs is far fetched- but the theory of raining frogs because of cyclonic movement that we have so far is equally ridiculous and speculative- it’s something nobody has ever recorded or scientifically confirmed. Think of a cyclone going to a pond, picking up all the frogs (as opposed to taking everything up to a frog’s weight like fish or lizards etc) and transferring it somewhere where it will fall as rain. Why doesn’t it rain frogs, fish and pebbles of the same weight?

Finally, if this man did say something irrational, it doesn’t make the rest of his work any less impressive. I don’t know if the Typology he uses and the rest are right (we will see I guess since he says in his website that there are imminent publications in medical journals about his theory from the research centres he cooperates with), but I see that this man clearly has some kind of power. The fact that we cannot explain it with the science we have so far does not make it any less real. That he has some kind of power/gift/whatever is a fact, since it has verifiability. It is possibly a scientific fact, since he has results that have the same outcome regardless of the observer (he doesn’t say that you have to believe in order to be healed or whatever and in our case, what he diagnosed was also confirmed by medical instruments). It’s just something that transcends the science of today. I hope that the next scientific research will normalize and rationalize all these  “irrational” or “paranormal” phenomena.

Pyrismaragdos… “some people I know and like to think as friends”? Harsh! Starting to judge and insult your friends when their opinion diverges from yours is not nice… as you state in your paragraph, you need help refuting this man’s powers-hence you have not yet done it. And you won’t- this man is way beyond anything you’ve seen or heard of in similar cases. Doubt him, don’t baselessly dispute him. We all know how absurd people thought the notion of the earth being round was a few centuries back. Respect what your friends think, especially if they are rational humans that don’t usually “buy into” outlandish things.

Ιδωμεν... (idomen: let’s wait and see).

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Hi Orithea, and welcome! Why

Hi Orithea, and welcome!
Why not make an account? It makes it easier for everyone. Yourself included. No more captchas, and you won't have to wait for your post to be approved before everyone can see it.

That said, I don't suppose you have any evidence to back up your claims? Did you know a guy named Randi has an ongoing challenge to demonstrate the existence of anything referred to in any circles as paranormal? That any evidence of such would net you a million dollars? Even if you don't want the $ yourself, I'm sure you could find a charity or hospital that would jump for joy at such a donation.

A mere testimonial will not convince anyone here. We've heard it all before, and noone has ever done more than make a claim. Never is there any evidence. Strange, don't you think?

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