Bill Maher on Christians' reaction to the murder of Osama Bin Laden

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Nice find dude.

Nice find dude.

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 Love it.

 Love it.

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Excellent.I have got out of


I have got out of the habit of watching and listening to Bill Maher, partly because of his crazy ideas on medicine, but he is right on in this.

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Ya. You gotta love how Bill

Ya. You gotta love how Bill just puts the boots to theists, and anyone else who's dumb.

Right between the eyes...

I keep asking myself " Are they just playin' stupid, or are they just plain stupid?..."

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wingless_sephiroth wrote:

 Love it.

OH CRAP, now I have to share Bill Maher gays? Blacks already got golf with Tiger woods. What's next? A lesbian NASCAR driver?

(Note to Danika Patrick: If you carpet munched you wouldn't need the "poll" position, and I certainly would watch those clips on YouPorn)

HORRIBLE HORRIBLE, I know I know. Just shoot me.

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