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Hello, all.


I am an atheist who was raised Catholic in Florida, and I moved to the most conservative and religious part of CA during my junior year in high school. I struggled a lot with trying to understand faith, and I was often asked to stop asking questions in my Sunday school classes (bad influence on the other tykes, I suppose). After moving here, I started realizing that the entire concept of religion was merely an attempt to understand and come to terms with the things that frighten us. My parents and siblings are all very fervent Christians, and I am "out" to them. It comes up, frequently, and my mother seems to disregard my views entirely. My husband and I are both atheists, and very passionately so. Unfortunately for me, I work at a local college, and being fully out could cost me my job, so I try to avoid talking about faith to people I don't know very well. I'm here because I love discussion, and I'm tired of not being able to find many like-minded individuals to talk to.


So, let the games begin, shall we?




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Relcome, Cat!This place is

Relcome, Cat!

This place is funner than a new cardboard box to play in...

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CatMcG wrote:Hello,

CatMcG wrote:

Hello, all.


 I was often asked to stop asking questions in my Sunday school classes (bad influence on the other tykes, I suppose). 



     The only people known for this are one's who dont know what they are talking about.   I had a similar experience with a forum last year.   They  never ever heard of my questions, let alone able to provide a satisfactory answer  (and it was about old religions surrounding the bible lands).  Learning should be life-long. Education  is a terrible thing to miss out on, that is clearly seen. 



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Hey, Welcome!Hope you find

Hey, Welcome!

Hope you find some interesting discussions here to get involved with.

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