Ed Shultz suspended for calling Lara Ingram names.

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Ed Shultz suspended for calling Lara Ingram names.

Now for those who do not know Brian Sapient was a guest on the Lara Ingram show. Brian can tell you and anyone who listened to that segment can tell you, she pulled every dishonest tactic we commonly hear from theists outside that show.

But Should Ed Shultz apologize for calling her a "right wing slut".


Is "fair is fair" when the left rightfully condemns assholes like Rush and Beck when they shoot their mouths off.

I am not making this out to be a censorship issue. MSNBC did what it wanted to in suspending Shultz and Shultz did what he wanted to in apologizing. THAT is fair in the free market.

WHAT I am talking about as far as "fair" is how much should the left put up with before we fight back?

She is not a "slut" in the literal sense that she is a street hooker in real life. BUT she most certainly makes her living vying for the attention of the right wing, like a hooker winks at drivers passing by.

It was a metaphor to say, "She is way too far in bed with the right wing loonies". In that sense she IS a slut. She will stop at nothing to get attention from the right wing and demonize the left. While the free market took its course I don't know if I personally would have backed off that statement.

Calling her a "right wing slut" is apt, unlike Beck's statement "he has a deep seeded hatred of white people" in regards to Obama, which was beyond the pale and nowhere near accurate.



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Well, if the shooting of a

Well, if the shooting of a democrat wasn't enough to shut republicans and their mouth pieces up, then by all means I say return fire. Call them sluts, evil, scum, racist, delusional, anti-american, anti-human, anti-intellectual, and whatever else you can come up with. And follow it up by suggesting they should all die. Fair is fair.

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 He should only apologize

 He should only apologize if he wants to... personally, I think he owes sluts an apology. Kind of a stupid reason to suspend him imo. He certainly isn't the first liberal opinion guy to use insults against a conservative and won't be the last. If they are going to suspend him for any reason it should be due to his abysmally low ratings, I mean when you can't even beat Greta Van Susteren.....

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Quote:WHAT I am talking

WHAT I am talking about as far as "fair" is how much should the left put up with before we fight back?

The (moderate, Democrat party) left should not hesitate at all to fire back, because they have done far too much of the opposite previously. With all animals, even with humans, it is normal to expect that if someone cowers away with their tail tucked neatly between their legs, they will be attacked. However, if you emit all kinds loud noises, threatening visual signals, and the occasional bits of effluvia, you almost always succeed in getting a potential predator to back off.

Now, I don't advocate this being applied literally, because it would only mean jail sentences for whoever attempts it, and I don't advocate histrionics, because that only discredits the person or persons being histrionic. Nor is this an open invitation to make a (dishonest) career out of badmouthing 'the other side' in politics for fun and book/movie deals, like Michael Moore and Ann Coulter (among others) have done.

But I think leftists could certainly get away with combating someone using their own debate tactics, even the dishonest debate tactics, in moderation. So could atheists, at that.

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Slut is not pc and and a lot

Slut is not pc and and a lot of people are too stupid to take it as anything but literal.

Duh ..George... wuts context?

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Brian37 wrote: "Right wing Nut"

  O' I thought that he called Sharron Angle a slut, shit we all know that Laura Ingram is a fucking asshole already !

Signature ? How ?