Pawns, By Brian37

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Pawns, By Brian37

Pawns, By Brian37


Hitler's youth, Jihad's "truth"

Anti-abortion we must defend

Toy guns grow up too

Becoming real with utopia zeal


Take the sponge

The empty slate

Rape it's mind

With certain fate


The only way

It is to be

The real children

Are the adults


Without the elders

In the same room

The little one's fairness

On it's own forms


Allah Akbar

Jesus loves me

How can a sponge



Yet they tell them

And pass it down

To the next generation

And no peace at hand


The adults

Are the real children

Afraid of the boogiemen

The "outsiders"


Tribalism, nationalism

Labels and religion

Are adult beefs

Not that of children


No one is special

Among 7 billion

Yet all our species

Protect their children


We can do better

Than to sell division

To raise them with guns

Instead of debate


Only the rise

Of rational thought

Teach them to think

For themselves

"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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