For those uninformed lets say Atheists/rationalists who lost their soul long [trollville]

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For those uninformed lets say Atheists/rationalists who lost their soul long [trollville]

Bronze "i" must comment upon your flawed observation of God not being able to defeat bacteria, the day long God is burning the unclean spirits/principalities of the air/Bacteria and viruses or we would have them running over us and would only be able to see bacteria!  The bible proclaims to us anything not of Gods book of Life He Burns its soul Rev:20:15!  {{In His volcanoes}} And when we die, our Soul becomes again what?  A sperm like being, called the worm by God Mark:9:44-46!  We are born of a worm spirit/soul the sperm and it is as minute as bacteria and viruses, and when we pass our worm spirit leaves our body and if we did not serve God while in body He takes that spirit and puts it in hell with the bacteria and viruses which He God burns the day long!   So when you say God cannot beat bacteria it is only God and His Word/Science that can beat it in physicial body and only God in the spirit realm that can beat satan/death/bacterial unclean spirits!  That is why He brought medical science into being so we can beat death and research and learn of death so we can be productive spirits in His spiritual Kingdom!  He with His Word Creation called science now beats death, we those "i" gather and call will soon have again life abundant John10:10 living again as in the days of Noah centuries instead of mere decades!  So we can become supernatural intellects for God, knowing all things about His enemy called satan/devil/death/disease/sickness/old age that is why He is the eternal God He knows all things and has dominion over death hell and the grave!  His mystery has been finished Rev:10:7 Rev:1:18  His code/keys have been given and we soon return to living as Adam and Eve living hundreds of years instead of mere decades....much respect to all of Gods book of Life...all others prepare to burn...From me shit hands...HA kind of like that one...

I am sent by God, the Scientific soul His Son JESUS to awake those on the highways and byways who have been lost due to the many infected souls controlling Gods Word here on earth! It has begun..