Spence the Rational mans Leader and Friend! A response to the enraged [trollville]

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Spence the Rational mans Leader and Friend! A response to the enraged [trollville]


{{Just making sure Spence and others receive this reply, much respect too all of Gods book of Life}}


Spence {{and other rationalists, even strangeists of this blog for reasoning}} my friend you miss read,  it is those who cuss/curse people and call them names which are enraged "i" am some what should we say cool or just aware!  As far as beneficial bacteria, yes the Lord literally explains to us that there are some spirits that are good for His Heaven and or bodies!  Yet an informed Rationalists as yourself seems to forget that aids and cholera and cancer, and now amazingly aging of our bodies itself is derived from what Bacteria and the Viruses/phages which control them!  Unbeknownst to science until now very resently did not realize that the bacteria of our gut body and even brain has been acting as though it is helping our body, when in reality the filth such as e-coli are making toxins within us our whole Life which cause us to age and incubate sickness! And the secreting bacteria of our Gut also have blined and strangely enough did so with sinister calculation to the fact the Vitamins they made science feel helped is part of the secret attack of the disease called aging and death which Adam and Eve our Father and mother if of them unmarred Ezra 9:1-2 first contracted and since each one of us born contracts there after...Yet the harlot called satan/death/aging has been now found...So my enraged Rational friend, did you read the new post in the trollville gazatte, rread it and be Amazed by the prophecy and the facts exposed therein...it has begun...much respect to all of Gods book of Life all others prepare to burn........ElijahTruth...here is a strange thought for you...it is the voice of bacteria/death that you are hearing in your thoughts them now possessing your body since birth which is giving you answers which cause doudt that they death can be found...Now thats strange yet very rational truth..It is literally satan/death that causes men and women to have what Atheism/doubt...The more they can make not hear the very truth living within them, the more time they want to have before God comes's and destroys deaths last sickness which is Aging...

I am sent by God, the Scientific soul His Son JESUS to awake those on the highways and byways who have been lost due to the many infected souls controlling Gods Word here on earth! It has begun..

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Bacteria is not the result

Bacteria is not the result of a comic book super hero vs a comic book villain. There is no man in a white robe and sandals with a magic wand making bacteria do things in our bodies. There is just you and your delusion.

Life and the good and bad in it are a result of nature void of myth, superstition or god/s.

Bacteria along with all biological life is the result of evolution, nothing more.

Grow up and leave your Santa claims in your childhood where they belong.

We have grown up, and you can too.

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Some cancers are caused by

Some cancers are caused by bacteria, but also depend on certain weaknesses/limitations of our particular genetic code. Some cancers are almost entirely governed by particular genetic inheritance, maybe triggered by some other stress, due to things like the effects of smoking, UV radiation, some components of our food, etc.

The propensity to cancer seems to be a trade-off with our immune system, which relies on the ability of certain kinds of cells to mutate readily so as to possibly come up with a variation which can effectively counter a new bacterial strain. Whereas cancer seems to be due to occasional mutations going in a nasty direction.

As for 'foul' language, cursing is very much a legitimate part of communication, but are best reserved for conveying extreme frustration, or describing fucking dumb-asses like you.

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