Find God in the Alley

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Find God in the Alley

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One evening I took a short cut through a back alley where I ran into
God. He promptly  beat, robbed and left me naked in the alley's filth.
Eventually, I crawled broken and naked to the street lights where
everyone who passed by saw me as I really was. Some laughed. Some ran in
fear. Others offered me help.  A couple hours later after I was clothed
and released from jail I hurried back to the alley to ask God why he had
done this to me. But I found him crawling out of the alley beaten and
naked. Some laughed at him. Others ran in fear.

I finally understood Him and saw myself as those earlier had. I
gave him my overcoat and invited him to the nearby bar.

Over a few too many drinks I quickly  learned what a sense of humor God has. I apologized
for being so rough on Him. He laughed and said that I was too hard on
myself. Since then we have been best of friends.  But take my advise. Do
not ever play dice with him. He'll beat you every time.


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"You can't write a chord ugly enough to say what you want to say sometimes, so you have to rely on a giraffe filled with whip cream."--Frank Zappa Books on atheism