Digital Reality, By Brian37

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Digital Reality, By Brian37

Digital Reality, By Brian37

With tilted head
And digital voice
The best option
Is put forth

In the past
It came from myth
It had to be
A wand in hand

Cognition required
And all for me
Those pretty dots
In twilight sky

Fine tuned
Razor's edge
All of this
Too complex

Another voice
Comes along
Dismisses magic
As the cause

"Not required"
Were the words
Refreshing logic
Combating the absurd

As long suspected
Throughout time
The truth exposed
More and more

The immaterial
A huge gap
They insert
And evidence lacks

And this voice
From his chair
Furthers progress
For us all

"Not required"
Is mundane
Not of drama
Or theatrics

But of substance
Of study and test
The only path
We can take

Not our desires
Or our clans
Competes with the rigors
Of science demands

No marquee
Or special affects
Competes with nature
In its reality

Those tiny dots
In twilight sky
Need not of myth
To explain why

Oh man in chair
With digital voice
Thank you for stating
The obvious

Your ilk are why
On moons we land
On computers we type
And have medicine

It frightens them
To think of life
Coming about
Without invisible brains

Not to me
Because I know
What those lights are
And where they came from

No drama for me
No angry gods
No superstition
Are needed for cause

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