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 Not exactly mortal but not quite a god
In this body which is rather complicated and odd
The dweller contemplates all of eternity
Through a vehicle subject to both health and infirmity


I've never been here before, how do I know this place?
And what is the reason for the familiarity I see in that face?
Could it be Shakespeare's infamous play ?
Repeating endlessly on eternity's Broadway?
I feel like I've known you for ages
Is this just the script and its pages?



I'm afraid of these feelings
Of this magnificent power that elevates our beings
It's hard to feel, and I'm a little numb
For this pain has accrued into an unmanageable sum
But when my mind is besieged in an altered state
Her memory is a shield that will never shatter or break



I know that my flow isn't that great, but hey, if any of you have any suggestions or tips or enjoyed anything please post