Eternal Narcssism, By Brian37

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Eternal Narcssism, By Brian37

Eternal Narcissism, By Brian37


It is all about us


About how we



Fight and tussle

Thrash and slash

Blood to prove

Our rights of path


And all for what

An after life

That serves one

For humans to bow


Does this need a name

An ego stroked

To watch our division

For masturbation


For whom do we fight

A real being

A real boarder

Or our own selfish desires


The clock ticks

And death after death

Our toil and tussle

Is our own narcissism


Our fate the same

No matter the game

We shorten the ride

When we chose to divide


The chimp bares its teeth

The shark arches it's back

The hippo's tussle

To ward off competitors


And to what avail?

They rise and fail

Like every generation

In life's history


There is no mystery

There is no quarrel

Narcissism the enemy

That causes us harm

"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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