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Now, By Brian37

Now, By Brian37

Freud's insults
Jefferson's ridicule
Are what we need

Aim them rightfully
At incantations
And ideology

Kill all tribalism
Gut the labels
Death to isms
Of any kind

Communism capitalism
Abuse of power
Arise in all

Phobia and fear
Make us all
A sub species

Global leaders
Sell utopias
Controlling resources
At our expense

And history's pyre
Is human desire
Always wanting

Death is laughing
At all of us
Killing each other
For lust of power

Decay cares not
Of title or class
Of boarders or isms
Our final path

A fool will cry
"I am on top"
Mistaking success
For immortality

Yet most are blind
To the common thread
Despite success
We all end up dead

Millennia ago
None now, were
Millennia from now
We will not be

Rice or oatmeal
Shingles or slate
Means of survival
Are what all need


I hear them now
Falsely accuse
My message being
Robbin hood

Be happy
Get what you want
This after all
Your only shot

Yet in all this
We must build
Not selfishly
At the expense of others

Death to anarchy
Death to monopolies
Death to isms
And Ideology


Our species
Ultimate fate
Is no different
Than an individuals

Yet we still claw
Step on and crush
Bludgeon and beat
To get on top

My class makes right
My flag makes right
My god makes right

Your class still dies
Your flag still dies
Your god will too
Says the future

Labels are the enemy
Of humanity
The only true friend we have
Is now

"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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