[[challenge to all interested]] Let's all do some science.

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[[challenge to all interested]] Let's all do some science.


[[challenge to all interested]] Let's all do some science.


If you can get a tripod shot at a good resolution, you can help out here. Heck but if you can do so much as poke a camera into a pair of binoculars, we are good to go.


Here is what I need: Find that one brightest star in the sky in the south. Right now it is about twenty moon diameters to the left of the actual moon. That is the planet Jupiter. Take the best picture that you can manage and post it here along with a location and time.


The most optical zoom that you can manage will earn points. [u]Digital zoom is useless here. [/u Also, exposure time is really good here. If the best that you can do is a pocket camera, then give me your best optical zoom on Jupiter and at an exposure time which is going to be pretty much as long as the camera allows. A one minute exposure is not a problem if that is what you can do.


If all that you have is a pocket camera where you don't have a choice of setting, just give me the best picture that you can manage.


Post them in this thread along with the name of the city that you are in (or the nearest city if that applies). I will also need to know when you took the picture. The time as recorded on your cellphone shall be the standard here but if you can get closer, then so much the better.


This is not a tonight thing, I need a spread of pictures over time. So if your weather is bad, just wait until you can get me the pic and I can run from there.


What you will have done is to help me measure the speed of light. Yah, we know it to a much greater precision than I can get from this. Still, every time science is done, well....





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Sounds cool.  Portland is

Sounds cool.  Portland is probably going to be socked in for the next couple of months.  The only thing I don't like about the weather here is the paucity of winter stars.  If there is even a hint of the moon through the clouds, I'll see if I can give it a shot.


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