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Hi all,

I enjoyed watching the RRS debate with Kirk Cameron on youtube so thought I had better join up. I live in the UK where there is a lot less religious observance than the USA. That said, we are about to pay host to Pope Benedict who is coming to beatify Cardinal Newman following a 'miracle' inoilving some obscure cleric from Boston. What utter nonsense!

Although I trained as a scientist, for most of my career I flew as a pilot for British Airways and am now retired.  I hope to be able to contribute to some of the debate here, particularly with my view from this side of the 'pond'.

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Welcome! What was your



What was your field?

Everything makes more sense now that I've stopped believing.

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 Welcome yotter.


Welcome yotter.

"I guess it's time to ask if you live under high voltage power transmission lines which have been shown to cause stimulation of the fantasy centers of the brain due to electromagnetic waves?" - Me

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Hi and welcome

Hi and welcome

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G'Day from Oz, Yotter.


Good luck in the Ashes.


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                       Welcome to the forums, we have other active members from "merry 'ole",  this will  give the rest of us a chance to work on our English language skills,  or lack there of.

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Welcome Yotter.Another

Welcome Yotter.

Another scientist... I hope this is the start of a trend. I am sure that your side of the pond will also provide some unique perspctives. Welcome sir.

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Hi and welcome Looking

Hi and welcome
Looking forward to hearing your take on some of these post.
Looks like the number of atheist, or nonbelievers are growing. Good things...

Throughout human history as our species has faced the frighten terrorizing fact that we do not know who we are and where we are going; it has been the authority (the political, the religious, and the educational authorities) who have attempted to comfort us. By giving us order, rules, and regulation. Informing or forming in our minds their view of reality. To think for yourself you must question these authorities. THINK FOR YOURSELF…

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Welcome to the forum, Yotter.


I'm an ex-pat living in CA and working at the NASA facility in the Mojave Desert.


Also a west Ham fan so what I really want to know about you is: Who's your team?

How can not believing in something that is backed up with no empirical evidence be less scientific than believing in something that not only has no empirical evidence but actually goes against the laws of the universe and in many cases actually contradicts itself? - Ricky Gervais

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Welcome !

   So,Welcome to the Machine,enjoy.I was wondering.what is your take of Richard Dawkins.     PS. will you read Tony Blair's new book ?

Signature ? How ?

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Richard Dawkins

I enjoyed 'The God Delusion' but I found 'The Blind Watchmaker' quite difficult. On TV he comes over very well compared to Chris Hitchens, who although brilliant, is a bit too aggressive for my liking. I will probably borrow Tony Blair's book sometime, but don't really enjoy political biography.