All Our Righteous Acts are Like Filthy Rags

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All Our Righteous Acts are Like Filthy Rags


There I was, idly reading a sermon about holiness as I explored a favourite topic of mine, the relationship between post-conversion christian life and the necessary and contradictory good works Jesus demands of the saved, when I came upon this passage from Isaiah.

"And all our righteous acts are like a polluted garment"


Or in another translation:


"All our so-called righteous acts are like a menstrual rag in your sight".


Meanwhile, the KJV compares our righteous acts to filthy rags.


Notwithstanding the slight to the normal female reproductive cycle, what do atheists and theists think of this passage?


The bible clearly says that without god we are incapable of doing good.


Do we agree with this passage or is it part of the adhom incorporated into the garden of eden story?


Atheists, do we feel we can do good? And theists - do you really believe you did no good before you were saved?




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Do we agree with this passage?...................NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!




                     There is NO god and we as atheists do NOT even concern ourselves with what ever the  KJV says about sfa...!!!!!!!!!!!!!   {sweet fuck  all}



                     Another example of religion applying guilt and ridicule to human  nature.  If the bastards ever recognized nature this would not be a question at all.

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