Hello, I am from the Netherlands

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Hello, I am from the Netherlands

Hello everybody,

About myself: I am a Dutch history and economics master at a school for secondary education, 54 years old and living with my girl friend with no children. Glad to be amongst congenial spirits (although I think there is not such a thing as a spirit, but that's quite another matter). I came across the Rational Response Squad watching the NightLine Face-Off Debate "Does God Exist?" on YouTube, in which the RRS duo tried ever so hard to convince their interlocutors. And in a very intelligent manner indeed! Alas, to no avail. I did not even DARE to read the comments, by the way.

In my country about 44% of the people were outside any religious society in 2009, and counting. Many of those who say they ARE religious do not attend mass - only 29% went to church at least one time a month in 2001- or believe in 'something'. Especially the orthodox reformed church and some muslims are still very strict in their theism. I am aware of the fact that this is very far off yet in the United States. Having said this, their might be consolation in the results of the 2005 Harris Poll. For those who have forgotten: a question was "Are you certain God exists?" 42% of over 2,000 Americans said they were not absolutely certain, 15% were somewhat certain, 11% thought there is probably no God and 16% were not sure. So, there is hope! 

What surprised me when I registered myself yesterday was an advertisement over the page from the Evangelische Omroep (Evangelical Broadcasting Company) in the Netherlands supporting the publication of a Christian book. And whilst writing this it says "I Receive Jesus As My Saviour." (You're bonkers!) There is even an option to click on "Yes, I Want To Be Saved". Blimey! Does it really have to be? Not quite what I had expected!

Anyway, hope to contribute to one or two debates.

Veritas Praevalebit

P.S.: Of course that is not my proper name, but you wouldn't be able to understand and pronounce mine, so don't bother.






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Welcome to the forums.




                              I'm in Canada myself, near Toronto. We have other members from the Netherlands and Europe in general. Welcome on board.

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Well hello there.   Glad to

Well hello there.


Glad to have you drop by. Feel free to pull up a seat, we are only mildly radioactive.


I am a 47 year old psychiatric social worker from Connecticut myself.


Really, don't pay any mind to the ads around here. The service that we use pulls the context for what it dishes up from the thread. So a thread that talks about muslims is as likely as not to have singles ads for babes who may be hot but you really can't tell since you can't see the faces through all of that cloth.

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Truth will out

Or very nearly.  Prevail is the correct word, but the sense is the same.

Hi. Welcome. Come as you are.  The add was a little bit of a surprise to me also, but such is the power of advertising on the web.  There are a surprising number of christian (trolls and wannabees) on the site as well.  I try to remind myself not to argue with fools as people might not be able to tell the difference.

Have fun.