My Book Hits Amazon

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My Book Hits Amazon


Atheism and Naturalism, by Nicholas Covington

I'd appreciate it if you guys would put a link to it with the other amazon links on your site (that is, if you think it is worthy).

(mod edit: The real question is, are we worthy? Eye-wink Looks great, Switch! )

Have you ever wondered what Atheists believe? You know what they DON'T believe in, but what positive beliefs do they have? Are you an atheist who wants to fully explore the philosophical and scientific issues surrounding your worldview? In either case, this book is for you. This book explores the arguments for God, why they fail, the arguments against God, and argues that Nature is all that exists (Naturalism). This book covers everything from Meaning and Morality to Creationism and Evolution.

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Link fixxored.

Link fixxored.

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For those interested,

For those interested, Nicholas Covington is the author of the popular blog Answers in Genesis BUSTED! (aka AiGbusted)*. Great job, Nick!

* Of course, 'Answers in Genesis'--the site of creationists who wouldn't know a rock from a roll in the ground--is not to be confused with mod god 'Answers in Gene Simmons', who wants to rock and roll all night... and party every day.

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