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Well I've been a member of this site for a little while now, mainly just reading topics and discussions and I figured it was time for a Introduction.

My name is Cody, and I'm 18 years old. I live in southern West Virginia, and yes it is a very religious area. Most people, I'd go as far to say 90%, go to church regularly. The area I live in is full of very ignorant, uneducated people so this, in my opinion, is a large reason for the church crowd. I was lucky enough though, to grow up in a home with almost no religious influence. My mother took me and my younger brother to church for a few months when I was about 7 but that didn't last and neither of my parents really push and religious indoctrination in the house. Both of them really pushed my education and made sure I did my best in school, probably why I was the smartest kid in my high school. Religion was never really a part of my life and I never really thought about presence of a "god" until a few years ago. For a while I thought it made sense and kinda went along with it all, more or less to fit into the norm of the area I suppose. But as I got older and my thinking progressed and I began thinking more and more rationally and the thought of "god" made less and less sense. For a while I was on the border and didn't really consider myself atheist. In fact it wasn't until my senior year (this year) that I finally came to terms and resolved that I was atheist. It really does amaze me looking back how long I took to come to grips with it, I mean its not like I was heavily religious in the first place. And this is partly why I think that theist have so much problem with our views, they have always been taught that there is a good and they can't think any other way. Anyways I'm getting off topic. But a friend of mine, who is also atheist, showed me this site and I really enjoy the discussions that go on here, they are all firmly based in rationality and sound thought and I love that. It is so different than the area I come from and is a real relief. I'll be going to college this fall to either major in physics or computer science.

Just thought I should give a little introduction to me, thanks

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Hey there, Cody


pleased to make your acquaintance. Welcome to the boards - I'm sure you'll have fun here. Which way are you leaning in your choice of major?

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Welcome to the Rational

Welcome to the Rational Response Squad, Cody.

I just happen to be a physics major. What universities are you considering attending?

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adams.v wrote:very ignorant,uneducated people

     Hey Cody,I got a little secret,they're all over the place,in the White House they even have their faith-based office there.I guess you should have stayed away from the mob mentality.My Ex-Wife and my Son live down there,I do however thank her for her Atheist Thinking and staying away from religious people,she has her mind set, so it's is very hard to convince her about miracles.I'm up here in Philly where you would think that most of the people have their own mind made up about religion-(it's just so f<>king dumb) but no,they can be just as dumb as they are in the south.Anyway------------------ Welcome to the Machine,have fun.  

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Your story is not unique. It

Your story is not unique. It took me several years to finally call myself an atheist too.

You are not alone. Welcome.

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                 West Virginia eh?  I'm in Canada now but I grew up in Maine There are Lots of Canadians here and people from around the world. Also physics majors and computer lovers. You'll love it here.

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Welcome to the site!

Hey, welcome to the site Cody! I'm happy you found someplace you can engage in rational discussions with people. I was raised in an atheistic household in the Seattle, WA area, so for me it's more normal, as I have conversations like that with all my friends and family daily. I can't imagine what it would be like if one of my only places to have those kinds of discussions was on the net. So whenever you need to vent or just talk to other like minded people, you know where to come!

All I can say is you will enjoy college!

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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone, and to the question about which way I am leaning for my major I am more or less split right down the middle. I had been basically set on computer science until a few months ago and my math teacher taught me some entry level physics and I researched more about it and it really caught my interest. I'll be attending Marshall University, although if I do major in physics I will probably be transferring schools to one with a stronger physics program.

Also I've tried discussing religion and such with my classmates and friends but, besides the few people I know that see things rationally, they all are basically stuck up the churches ass to put it bluntly. The moment you mention the thought of there not being a god they pretty much throw reason out the window. But yea I really do enjoy this site and having thought provoking discussions that are based in rationality.

Science flies people to the moon, Religion flies people into buildings.

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Hey, welcome!My childhood

Hey, welcome!

My childhood experience as a bit like yours, my mother sent me to 'sunday school' for a while, but it obviously was not interesting me, so I was allowed to stop. My father was not religious at all.

I have just continued to lose whatever residual respect I had for any religious ideas as I have got older and learnt more about science and the world in general.

I did Electrical (Electronics) Engineering, but got into computers fairly early in my career, and now I'm getting into iPhone/iPad Apps, both native and web.

I did some Physics as part of the Engineering Degree, but have continued to be an avid follower of Science thru books, magazines (long-time subscriber to NewScientist Mag), now mainly thru podcasts (from Scientific American, Nature, The Royal Society, Science Magazine, BBC, CBC, NPR, PRI, ABC (Australia), etc )

If you already find you enjoy this site, that's great. If you contribute posts and responses yourself, you will help to keep the site active and interesting to others.


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 Hi, this is Adarsh from


Hi, this is Adarsh from India and I am new to the forum and presenting a quote by Monroe Forester "Hope is always available to us. When we feel defeated, we need only take a deep breath and say, "Yes," and hope will reappear." Thanks