NDE's: possibly caused by high CO2 blood levels

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NDE's: possibly caused by high CO2 blood levels

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Welcome to 15 years ago?

Welcome to 15 years ago?

Twilight blue-light-at-the-end-of-a-tunnel experiences while being incapacitated and barely conscious  have been associated with encephalized CO2 levels since at least the mid-90s. (That's when I remember seeing/hearing about it on TV, as a young'n)

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I am surprised the article

I am surprised the article didn't mention the fact that increasing CO2 causes cerebral blood flow to rise. Which is a well recognised phenomenon in medicine.

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B166ER wrote: interesting article

     AS I was reading the article,I started to think to myself,yeah I heard this somewhere,but when I first heard about the  CO2 levels,it made me wonder,well that makes sense,but why do people that have not experience a near death episode,also see angles, (they say that the angles help them in so-called normal conditions) in everyday life conditions.I guess this was also when I realized that a lot of people are just -STRANGE.  

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