Sub-Quantum Theory & Exotic Weapons

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Sub-Quantum Theory & Exotic Weapons

I encourage y'all - especially those who are interested in physics - to carefully read this article.

It is (or ought to be) well known that insofar science works towards favouring people in power, science gets funded. A considerable chunk of this "favouring" is focused on creating weapons of violent mass destruction, which may serve as agents of intimidation. On a larger scale, this reflects the human propensity to think that owning a gun will somehow make you more "safe". Preferably a big gun, something which can deliver shock and awe. You don't even have to fire off that gun, you just have to let it be known that you hold the power to kill and destroy; that you are a *big fucker*. This impresses people, and, through obscure psychological mechanisms, it will make them rally around your leadership.

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I wonder why suddenly there

I wonder why suddenly there is no storm of conspiracy theory accusations, free energy nonsense accusations, quantum mysticism accusations, and so on. Perhaps some people have privilegia.

But I see all this as a hopeful sign of science's progress.  When science will continue in this escape from mundane theories, etheric world will be soon discovered.

Higher dimensions, mainly the higher half of our own dimension, is indeed a fascinating place. All that our world is made of is precipitation from this etheric world, or as the article probably calls it, quantum vacuum. It's properties allow highly unstable radioactive elements to exist in abundance! Theoretically, all the artificial trans-actinoides that last only for a moment are natively etheric. In etheric state they are as abundant in air as sand in sandstorm, literally.  This is the same for rare metals like gold. No wonder that Nikola Tesla was offering during WW2 that he can produce radium in kilograms for a ridiculously cheap price. He only had to gather it in etheric form (easy) and then materialize the particles by downgrading their string vibrations. Pretty much like filtering plankton from water.

I only have confirmed etheric existence of four elements, these that I commonly work with. 3 are well known metals and one is Rutherfordium, also called Kurchatovium. I have to say, it does not decompose at all. Neither it burns. Radioactivity is not what it is thought to be. Radioactive elements don't radiate by decomposition. According to Tesla, they draw the energy from higher dimension. The induced gamma emission seems to be in harmony with that idea. Higher dimensions always contain much more energy than the lower. And when they are in higher dimension, they are less or more in their native energy state and are practically harmless and very stable.

This is not all my work, I had some help. However, I'm very curious if there is anyone around to able to understand and comment on what I just wrote, as among equal people of good will. I'd really welcome someone who can do maths of String theory and try some applications for me. And...what were you doing this weekend? Smiling

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Are they talking about 'bomb

Are they talking about 'bomb pumped lasers'?  That is, you set off a nuke, capture the energy and convert it to a ray?


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