Remember, don't encourage them!

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Remember, don't encourage them!

Some odious bullshit from the Wing Nut Daily.

Pediatricians warn educators not to promote being 'gay'

'It is not the school's role to 'affirm' perceived personal sexual orientation'

You probably won't be surprised by their position on this. It's just as bigoted and full of pseudo-scientific statistics as you can imagine. Fucking asshats...


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Title of the article stank

Title of the article stank of NARTH, and wouldn't you know it, they're involved.

"Non-religious", my ass.

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OK just possibly I took one

OK just possibly I took one for the team here but I looked at the website for the American College of Pediatricians. They are a bunch of idiots with a very specific ax to grind. The site is also very carefully written to suggest that they are a bunch of really nice people who only want the best for children.


Um yah, who doesn't want the best for children (Doomy excepted)?


They also do not seem to offer any form of certification to their members. Then too, the relevant page on my state's department of public health is down right now, so I can't get a current list of acceptable certifications but since they don't seem to offer one, it probably does not matter either way.


Actually, after having read the ACP web site, I come off with the impression that they are possibly using a version of the “wedge strategy” to gain some acceptance for their goals. I can't see any obvious affiliation with the Discovery Institute but then any organization with reasonably smart people running things would probably tend to keep that hidden if it exists.


Now that much being said, I am left wondering what they hell they are on about?


On the face of matters, it seems like they have found at least one jurisdiction which is trying to indoctrinate kindergarteners into some doctrine of gayness. I don't know, perhaps there are school districts out there that are doing something like that. If so, they need to be bitch slapped every bit as much as the people behind the ACP.


Kindergarteners need to be learning that 5+5=10 and how to draw trees.


Past that, when kids are old enough to to history unit about discrimination, then they should learn that discrimination is not simply about skin color. It is about every way that people can be discriminated against. They need to learn the history of “no Irish need apply”, the temperance movement and yes, they need to learn about discrimination of gays and the mentally ill.


Then when they are old enough to learn about bacteria and viruses, then they need to learn about the kind that you do not get if you keep it in your pants. Let me not mince words here. If you are not telling kids by about age 13~14 that keeping it in the pants is something that works, then you are not giving them information that they need. They also need to know about rubbers, including the detail that rubbers do break sometimes. They need to know that rubbers do not prevent crabs and mononucleosis.


You know what else they need to know about? Ticks. I have a friend who nearly died because he got a tick that was carrying something really nasty. He had to go through like 5 doctors before he got the correct diagnosis. Seriously, wearing short in tall grass is as bad as not using a damned rubber.


Seriously, you do not need some political agenda to decide what kids need to learn. You need to know what it is that kids need to learn. Then you need to teach them that stuff. That is what schools should be doing. Teaching 5 year old's that sucking cock is a good thing is really no better than teaching them that the world is 6,000 years old. Either way, it is indoctrination and if that is what the ACP is on about, then they may actually have a point (even if it is a bizarre point it may still have some merit).

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