hello peoples of rrs

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hello peoples of rrs

Hello everyone.  After looking thru some of the forums i decided i would join up and see how things went here.  i am hopeful of xpanding my mind a bit on peoples views of religions.  personally i was raised in the church and was very active throughout my teen years including mission work in central america and traveling to churches in south east giving talks on the subject.  i have to admit they were fun times and i have wonderful memories from all of it.  but in my late teens i couldnt bring myself to accept it anymore.  thats been a number of years ago so my views and ideas are different even still.  from what reading i have done on the forums it seems that there are some well educated people here which should make for some good reading and interaction.  i look forward to interacting with all of you.  btw yes i know i have punctuation errors and sp errors and be warned they will continue 'cause it just easier to type and im lazy.....

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Welcome to the forums. Hope

Welcome to the forums. Hope you have fun here

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Welcome aboard.

Welcome aboard.

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hi driver


welcome t th forum.

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Welcome to the sanity.  

Welcome to the sanity.


One of my bosses is an atheist (I think but he will not be boxed in on the matter). He spent time when he was younger in the Peace Corp. He had his kick and he enjoyed it. Also, his house is filled with furniture made from Honduran Mahogany. Because when you buy stuff in Honduras, it is really cheap (like $2 for a table and $5 for a bed cheap). Here, that stuff would cost thousands of dollars.


He also spent a couple of years in Zimbabwe. He has lots of great stories from that time about tribal religion.


Also, I can personally attest to the fact that the internet in Africa is not a series of tubes. It is a big truck that you dump stuff on. Seriously, I used to send him email and it would take a few months to get a reply because stuff ended up in Johannesburg where it was put on a floppy disk and trucked to wherever it had to go so that he could get it.

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Welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the forum.

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From another newbie,

welcome to the forum! I hope that you enjoy the conversations around here as much as I do.