Helping Spread Atheism

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Helping Spread Atheism

Hello everyone,

I am a new member and I'd like to introduce myself to this forum. My name is Andy and I have a long held interest in learning about science, religion, and philosophy. It is this drive that has led me to produce an original 12 episode documentary-style mini-series for youtube called "Discovering Religion". In it I explore the discrepancies between a literalistic belief in religious mythologies and the cold, hard facts of evolution and 21st Century scientific discoveries of the Earth and Universe.

If you enjoy watching videos on atheism from such youtubers as Thunderf00t, DonExodus, and AronRa, then it may be worth a few moments of your time to check out my series as well. So far I have recieved a lot of positive feedback, and if you enjoy what you see, please subscribe and help me promote a great understanding of science and evolution by dispelling the archaic myths of the Bible.

You can find my site at:

I look forward to exploring in greater detail this wealth of information you've all contributed to the excellent forum.

Take care,



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Everything makes more sense now that I've stopped believing.

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Hi there and nice to meet you


Look forward to checking out your shows - thanks for sharing.