Homoeopathy for Haiti

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Homoeopathy for Haiti

"Doctor" (he's an ND -- Naturopathic Doctor) Denis Marier went to Haiti to try to help earthquake survivors with homoeopathy.  Things didn't go as planned.

Unfortunately, as I've experienced on previous missions, the local community is arriving at a free "medical clinic" expecting medications, not homeopathic remedies to help with post-traumatic stress from the original disaster. And, working with a young male translator inexperienced with asking for a differentiation between sadness, grief, and depression made things more difficult.

After he saw two patients the lineup just melted away, he told me, frustrated, towards the end of his final day
- http://www.theglobeandmail.com/blogs/project-jacmel-blog/natural-healing-sort-of/article1484032/

Aw, poor frustrated quack.    Well, at least the people were clever enough to figure out that he wasn't offering anything that they needed.  Those of us who sat on our asses and sent a few bucks to those who are actually doing some good accomplished more than some nutbar who went over there and was unlikely to do more than just get in the way.

Best post in the comment section there so far:
Bede: Does he put some earthquake in a bottle and mix 10 million to 1?

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I'm so glad that went awry

I'm so glad that went awry for him.  It's sad though that so many people down there got right back to god worship after the earthquake.


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God worship after disasters

I'm not surprised that people fell upon their sky daddy delusions in times of crisis. Those are the times that people want to feel like they are safe the most, and the soul peddlers are more then happy to oblige.

Not a Doctor Denis Marier wrote:
Unfortunately, as I've experienced on previous missions, the local community is arriving at a free "medical clinic" expecting medications, not homeopathic remedies 

What a surprise, people going to a clinic expecting REAL medicine. The only unfortunate thing in the whole thing is the level of devastation the disaster left because the massive poverty. I think it's great the woo heads are getting rejected.

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