Hypocritical using the advances in science/products because of the theory of evolution but not believing in evolution?

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Hypocritical using the advances in science/products because of the theory of evolution but not believing in evolution?

Is it just me or does any1 else that gets angry when ppl discredit scientists and science in general by not believing evolution (without even having thought about it or done any research) but are quite happy using the advances in everyday life that has been made because of evolutionary theory/research?


Maybe I am just getting tired of seeing ignorant sheep Smiling

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No, you are not alone.

No, you are not alone. Although I will state that the one thing that gets me going is anything that involves physics/electrical engineering/computer science and that someone posts a rant about on the internet. Every time that comes up I am floored over the idea and I have to reply somewhere along the lines of:


So dude, you used a computer which runs on electricity that may well have come from a nuclear reactor to send your message down wires which were put in place by the phone/cable company so that they could make millions of dollars only to use the internet to tell us that you don't believe in science?


Fuck me but I did not think that there were enough mushrooms in the world to have that much crap in a single brain.

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Anti-science people are extremely irritating.  They have no clue how much scientists have done, and yet they rant and rave about the superiority of religion -- all the while basking in the glory of computers, cell phones, cars, movie theaters, TV, medicine, airplanes...

And they say that science can't give us meaningful lives!  That's just plain ridiculous.  Maybe a few percent of the population are wired to be incapable of scientific appreciation, and even more need to ween themselves off of anti-science like they're withdrawing from a drug, but the rest can tweak a few thoughts and be fine. 

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When looking at the current

When looking at the current state of the world Scientists are the modern day heroes of our society (at least according to me) and when facing problems like oil shortage, energy crisis'es, global warming, wars, etc.. who are going to resolve these? politicians? religious leaders/followers? a non existent god? I think not... scientists will (or at least try their damnest).


So it just pisses me off when ppl don't realize how important the sciences are to us.

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midrian wrote:how important

midrian wrote:
how important the sciences are


What is even more important is our language.

If by "ppl" you mean people, then for the love of God write the whole motherfucking word, okay?

I am personally of the mind that a complete lack of discipline is going to be the downfall of western civilisation.

Physically, mentally, morally, emotionally. Take your pick.

But I by and large agree with you. The lack of understanding of what science is about is mind-boggling.

"The idea of God is the sole wrong for which I cannot forgive mankind." (Alphonse Donatien De Sade)


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Hypocritical using the advances in science/products.. answer

A very good point ...

But what are we to do ?

we can't limit the free flow of information or knowledge .. discovery is in our humanity  
as is  exchanging ideas.. 

It is unfortunate that some (Theists, mainly men ) use it to advance their own ends..
i.e  Those that have hijacked the word  Science to cover up  a more insidious agenda of forcing everyone back into the medieval way of thinking.