2000 - 2010: The Last Days for Scientology?

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2000 - 2010: The Last Days for Scientology?

 As I hope many people already know, John Lindstein filed a lawsuit against the Church of Scientology and David Miscavige on the 25th of November this year. A belated Happy Thanksgiving to you, Mr. Miscavige.

The document details Scientology 'business' practices that should be more or less common knowledge by now: human trafficking, child labor, imprisonment, providing abhorrent living conditions and zero compensation to their 'employees' (hereafter referred to be the only word that can give proper justice to what is done to those unfortunate enough to fall into the clutches of the 'church': slaves).

This is only the latest chiming of the alarm in recent years. In October, Clair Headley filed a suit with similar charges - though not naming Miscavige personally - and the date for her jury trial has been set for 2010.

I think 2010 ought to mark the end of the last full decade that any respectable nation continued to harbor the 'Church' of Scientology or to recognize it for anything other than what the evidence has plainly shown it to be: a front & money laundering agency for an organized criminal syndicate & pyramid scheme.

Nevermind the ridiculous occasional outbursts of Tom Cruise (a man I far more pity than anything else) or the laughable space opera fiction regarding Xenu - what Scientology does to it's members within the confines of it's 'bases' is more repulsive and malevolent than much of what Al Capone's thugs did during the prohibition era. It's been a matter of public record ever since the debacle that was Operation: Snow White that Scientology's core membership not only has no qualms about breaking the law, but also that many of it's tenets expressly demand that 'church' members engage in brutal campaigns of harassment, browbeating and other forms of coercion / intimidation ad infinitum.

That the organization has survived the death of it's founder and lives on to this day with a strong pulse is shameful. A just society cannot exist in symbiosis with such an entity.

The 'Church' of Scientology is a cancer that needs to be carved out and discarded.

David Miscavige is a psychopath that needs to be imprisoned.

Here's to 2010. I look forward to it if for no other reason than these impending court cases; if / when Mr. Miscavige is prepared a room in the iron bar motel, I'll go to my grave with a grin on my face. I imagine that the sheer scale of the Scientology enterprise will be it's Achilles Heel - it's simply impossible to dispose of the evidence that such a kingdom is constructed of.


If you have friends or family that were taken from you by this particular racket, here's another to hoping you'll get them back in the near future.



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While I hope you're right, I

While I hope you're right, I also doubt it. They'll simply evolve their practices.

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Vastet wrote:While I hope

Vastet wrote:
While I hope you're right, I also doubt it. They'll simply evolve their practices.

Yeah, just look at Christianity.

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Kevin,Thanks for reposting


Thanks for reposting it here.  For onlookers, please stumble and digg Kevins post of this topic on Daily Kos:

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