You know all those videos you like to post here?

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You know all those videos you like to post here?


I just got done an overhaul of Rational Tube and it's ready to rock and roll.  There have been tons of spammers there so unfortunately any new membership is pending approval.  If you're currently in the pending status, just make a post in this thread and let me know and I'll activate you. 

If you want to upload a video from your computer or simply embed one you like from elsewhere use this page for info:

If you use IE, Firefox, or Safari you can actually add a bookmarklet to your browser and as you see videos you like from around the web you can republish them to Rational Tube in a flash:


Here's a list of the many websites you can upload videos from:


 YouTube     Metacafe       Dailymotion      Grab Networks      Veoh       Hulu         Google Video       Revver        ClipSyndicate       Howcast       MTV       CollegeHumor       Redlasso       5Min       ExpertVillage       ViewDo       eHow        ifood




If you've never checked it out, do so now.  We certainly won't bow down to religious fundamentalists seeking to remove your content.  It's safe here.  If you want to address religion and want a home where you can feel like you're not gonna be booted for blasphemy, this is it:


If you find a video that isn't available anymore just click the  button. 






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