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Haven't seen much action on here in quite some time but decided to come back and take a look around since Brian seems to be active again. 


How's everyone been doing here?




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Hello. Uuuhh, welcome

Hello. Uuuhh, welcome back?

I'm doing good. Thank you.

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We're all in the Safari

We're all in the Safari mobile trying to spot the Sapient in the bushes, shhhhh.  Oh wait...

Yes, sorry I was chained to a chair in my mothers basement for a little while there, but I broke lose and plan to be around a bit more.  How you been man?

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 Been great,

 Been great, actually.

Engaged now. In graduate school, getting my Masters (soon to be PhD) in Philosophy. Reading too much, working too much, not sleeping nearly enough. So, the usual, I suppose.

Good to see you back and out of mom's basement, Brian!


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Welcome back Avi   

Welcome back Avi  Eye-wink


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