Even Christians have a sense of humour

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Even Christians have a sense of humour

This is a transcript of a conversation that took place on Skype between myself (Redsky) and one of my friends Mark.


The background is that we are struggling in the recession at the moment having lost our jobs and someone we know quoted Paul to us who said "The man who will not work, will not eat" (very helpful). Paul made tents to fund his ministry.


Here's the transcript, the first comment refers to visitors to www.redskynews.com


Andrew Inns says: A man who will not work, will not get visitors

A man who will not work, will distribute the message, but starve...

A man who distributes the message now but will not work, will starve but go to heaven early

Before he has finished distributing the message...

That is if he received the message himself before the conveyor of it died

Through starvation....

Mark Golding says: Intro for Donations/Funding page
We do not work for money at Redsky as we do not need to eat or wear clothes so there is no need to send any donations except when the undertaker comes to collect his £1000 to bury us

Andrew Inns says: A man who does work, may still not eat coz he couldn't sell his tents

Mark Golding says: Tent making and selling is scriptural Bro

Andrew Inns says: LOL

So will I go to heaven if I make tents?

I won't go hungry that's for sure, providing people buy my tents

Mark Golding says: As long as you have one to show the ticket collector at the door that you worked hard

Andrew Inns says: You could allways eat your tent

That's it!!!!! A revelation!!!

Mark Golding says: perhaps we should pray for fire to rain down on all our neighbours houses so they ahve to buy our tents

Andrew Inns says: A man who makes tents, will not go hungry coz he can allways eat his tent if he can't sell them

Yeah great idea

The flames of hell

Don't kill the unrighteous, just burn their homes, so they have to buy our tents

Mark Golding says: tent eating.... let me see... where is that in the Bible...

Andrew Inns says: OK singe them a bit then

Mark Golding says: but not their wallets

Andrew Inns says: No

They must have money to benefit from our tent message

Mark Golding says: tents and head scarfs

Andrew Inns says: Yep

The prices are high at the moment coz of the chinese

Mark Golding says: tents is a man's job and head scarfs a woman's

Andrew Inns says: Yep. keep them in their place, that's what I say, even though there is no male and female in Christ

I'll tell you what, Let's make the OT Holy and keep women out of the church!!!

Great Idea..

Mark Golding says: better still make women unholy and keep the OT in the church

Andrew Inns says: Yes

Let's stone them to death

Ok, let's have our wicked way with them first and then stone them to death....

We'll make up a law to cover ourselves

So it's OK with God

Mark Golding says: I have not sinned therefore I'll throw first

Andrew Inns says: Exactly, We're not sinners and this Jesus character just gets in the way

Let's use our laws to get rid of him, then the coast is clear...

We can do what ever we like and call it "Of God"

Mark Golding says: as long as people fear us enough to believe we heard his voice

 if they don't believe, stone them

Andrew Inns says: Yes, If they don't believe us or challenge us, we'll purge them from the land

Mark Golding says: now that's democracy

Andrew Inns says: Their entrails will make a pleasing aroma for the Lord

We'll destroy the infidels.....(That being anyone we don't agree with or who gets in our way)

Mark Golding says: for they worship vile gods of destrcuction and burn human sacrifices

Andrew Inns says: Yes, destroy anyone who doesn't worship us

Mark Golding says: You're good at Drama

Andrew Inns says: I was just looking band it's got to be one of the funniest narratives I've ever seen

I've missed a bit there, it should have read, I was just looking back at the narrative...

Mark Golding says: perhaps we should copy and paste the narrative and send it to X factor

Andrew Inns says: I was thinking of sending it to Brian Sapient

Mark Golding says: better still, do our own sketch on video... now that I have a cheap video cam

Mark Golding says: yep, Brian might be endeared by it but then again he might think we have changed sides