Theist vs. Atheist: Who's your dream team?

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Theist vs. Atheist: Who's your dream team?

Imagine the greatest debate of all time between theists and atheists.  Who represents your side?  I'll open up several different time periods.

A. Still living

B. In the last century, not necessarily living.

C. Of any time, living or dead.

Here's my ballot:

A. Atheist: Tough pick.  I'd say maybe Daniel Dennett.  I'm not a huge fan of Richard Dawkins, although he is funny, so he'd be good for that reason.  Theist: Alvin Plantinga and ?? Another tough pick.

B. Atheist: J.L. Mackie and Bertrand Russell.  Theist: Keep Plantinga, throw in C.S. Lewis.

C. Atheist: Voltaire, Hume, maybe Nietzche?  Theist: Socrates, Augustine, Aquinas, Lewis, Plantinga


I think atheism has fewer interesting choices simply because it has been a worldview for a much shorter period of time in the west. 

Anyway, what do y'all think?


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hard to pick; or improssible

hard to pick; or improssible to pick. I say the latter. The thing is, its impossible to say how many historical "theists" would be atheist had they been born today. Assuming that they wouldn't (de)convert, you're left with basically the last half century for the atheist side and a mish-mash of outdated ideas on the theist side. The atheist would win simply because any prominent theists are far too old to consider with modern knowledge.

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Theist:A.  ...JesusB. R.


A.  ...Jesus

B. R. Swinburne

C. King Solomon




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If I could write a fictional

If I could write a fictional book, I'd have Hitchens debate Thomas Jefferson.

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As atheism isn't a worldview

As atheism isn't a worldview (the term has too narrow of a focus), why pick sides at all?

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Well, for atheists I

Well, for atheists I would go with:


Living: Not Dawkins. Honestly, he does best in a controlled environment like a classroom. Best to go with someone who has experience with public performance.


James Randi would be great. Michael Shermer as a back up.


Past Century: Isaac Asimov would be great. Really skilled at explaining hard to follow concepts.


All time: Thomas Henry Huxley. Because he owned Soapy Sam Wilburforce over and over in debates.



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A.   I like your atheist

A.   I like your atheist lineup.  For the theist, Mitch Pacwa S.J., Dr Scott Hahn,  Charles Chaput OFM.


B.  H.L. Mencken and H.G. Wells in for the atheists.  Drop Plantinga, add G.K. Chesterton, Richard John Neuhaus, C.S. Lewis for the theist.


C.  Your atheist lineup is fine.  Aquinas, Chesterton, Hahn for me.

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ryancobb wrote:A. Still

ryancobb wrote:

A. Still living

B. In the last century, not necessarily living.

C. Of any time, living or dead.


a.) god

b.) god

c.) god


a.) Dennet

b.) Satre?

c.) Hume?

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