Funny People

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Funny People

Adam Sandler, Seth Rogan, etc. Sweet movie. Dramedy, with some hilarious scenes as well as scenes where you cringe, and topping it with touchy-feely moments for the girl beside, or inside depending on certain factors....
Not much in the way of low brow entertainment either, which was a relief. Fart jokes were old when the pyramids were still being built.
Awesome cameo moment with Ray Romano & eminem(who I now forgive for existing, but he still needs to get off the rap shit).
Anyone else see it yet?

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Funny People suffers

Funny People suffers terribly from being two completely separate movies. In the first one, Seth Rogen and Adam Sandler co-star in a bromance. In the second one, Adam Sandler and Leslie Mann star in a romantic comedy and Seth Rogen gets to watch.


I give the first half a 6.5/10 and the second half a 2/10. An hour too long.

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