What was God thinking when he made our mouths?

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What was God thinking when he made our mouths?

Teeth are pretty important structures for us. Without a good set of teeth it's pretty difficult to eat properly, and if you aren't eating properly you run into some pretty serious health issues.

So why did god give us such shitty teeth? We only get one permanent set, and it actually grows-in with a few too many members to fit within your jaw. Outside of what options a person now has through medical science, if your teeth wear down, you're pretty much screwed. Shark teeth constantly replace themselves; why the heck can't ours (question directed at theists. Biologists, please resist the urge to offer a scientfic explanation. Sticking out tongue )?


If God created man in his imagedid God suffer from dental issues of some sort? Why does it look like he screwed this one up so badly? 

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 Kevin mah boy... one of

 Kevin mah boy... one of these days, ima gonna have ta buy you a toothless hooker...

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Kevin R Brown

Kevin R Brown wrote:

Biologists, please resist the urge to offer a scientfic explanation.




That would be my explanation.


I never understood the whole "imperfections of humans" atheist argument.  God isn't a clay maker


[For the record, I wore braces. I also wear glasses.]





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 Gawd wants to teach us

 Gawd wants to teach us that the sins of the flesh are fleeting in comparison to the wonders of heaven, so he takes away everything we like as we age.  Our teeth rot, our dicks stop getting hard, our senses of smell, sight, and hearing fade.

It's all to prove to us how awesome Gawd is for letting us go to heaven.  If we hadn't suffered a bit, we'd get to heaven and think... "Is this all there is?"

How's that, KB?  Non-biological answer, to be sure.

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Poor dental health is caused

Poor dental health is caused by not from not following God's plan.

Dental researcher have studied why some people develop cavities that often follow better oral hygene that others. They've found that people born naturally(vaginally) have better bacteria in their mouths than those born cesarean. People pick up good dental bacteria from being born God's way.



So giving women oral sex = Fewer cavities?


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The Doomed Soul

The Doomed Soul wrote:

 Kevin mah boy... one of these days, ima gonna have ta buy you a toothless hooker...

This time, you took my line, DS.