Parents prosecuted when homeopathy leads to daughter's death

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Parents prosecuted when homeopathy leads to daughter's death

Yay! A strike for rationalism and clear thought everywhere.

Parents refuse to treat their infant for eczema. Instead, they use homeopathy. Child suffers a grissly death due to all the infections. Parents face charges of manslaughter through gross negligence.

Sad for the child. But at least rationality may prevail.

The idiotic fuckers didn't even seek help when it because apperant their "remedies" weren't working.

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Ew.  Too bad.  You know

Ew.  Too bad.  You know what?  Homeopathic 'doctors' (or practitioners?) are registered here in Canada.  I had thought this was a bad thing at first.  I had thought that it lent some legitimacy to homeopathic 'medicine'.  I'm wrong.  It protects babies from batshit-crazy parents.

BigUniverse wrote,

"Well the things that happen less often are more likely to be the result of the supper natural. A thing like loosing my keys in the morning is not likely supper natural, but finding a thousand dollars or meeting a celebrity might be."

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 Glad that they were

 Glad that they were prosecuted, very sad for the daughter.