church of no faith restoring 150 year old church building http//

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church of no faith restoring 150 year old church building http//

retsoring this old church and having services for our church of no faith. 

The Church of No Faith is an organization dedicated to the fellowship and assembly of congregants who worship no mystery, believe in the human responsibility of self determination, and the finite nature of life.



three years already restoring abandoned church and 200 foot steeple which points up.


still working on HVAC but services during good weather are wonderful with antique organ and good people.



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Interesting.   So what



So what is it that happens there? Is it just a bunch of people sitting around listening to you play the organ or do you actually have a “service of no faith”?


Also, if I wanted to be ordained as a minister of no faith, where would I go to get a divinity degree of no faith? To what body would I apply for an ordination of no faith?

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 So it's like a community

 So it's like a community meeting, then? Like a social club. What a great idea! And you get a church (presumably tax-free). If that works out, let me know.

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Where is this located? 

Where is this located?