Monks Brawl at Jerusalem Holy Site

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Monks Brawl at Jerusalem Holy Site



So much for Christianity being peaceful. Basically they have a disagreement about what the tooth fairy's hair color is.

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Religion indeed, so often,

Religion indeed, so often, makes people retarded and even dangerous. I wish that jesus dude would hurry up and get his lazy ass back here. Hey god, WTF ... are you now senile???? Geezzz GOD, wake the fuck up you all knowing selfish fuck ... are you sick? Say something ... We need some peace of mind ... hey, can you hear me GOD???

 Yep, seems god is dead, or in a deep coma ....          wake the fuck up GOD.


  Well, obviously we are on our own now. Seems god just left it up to us ... Heck I really tried to contact him ... I guess I need to work at forgiving him ... after all, he was just a figment of my hopeful godly imagination ... Okay you are forgivin GOD. We will take it from here .... We GOD.

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Here's anotherThis time Nuns

Here's another

This time Nuns got involved as well!!