Man receives double arm transplant: Is doing well.

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Man receives double arm transplant: Is doing well.

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Amazing.  I was thinking

Amazing.  I was thinking about the psychological impact the whol time, so it was good to read that he's getting counselling.  I'm interested in how it will go in the long term.  There's always a chance of rejection and I wonder how much mobility and dexterity he'll get out of the hands in the end.

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  Amazing.  BTW, this

  Amazing.  BTW, this whole scenario reminds me of a movie with *Jeff Fahey ( *he was Jobe in "Lawn Mower Man" )  called "Body Parts" where Fahey portays a man whose arm was amputated in a car accident and is then replaced with an arm that once belonged to a psychotic serial killer.  He takes on the personality of the killer, yadda, yadda.....etc.  Good movie though.



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That's amazing! I hope his

That's amazing! I hope his body doesn't reject them.


...Erm. Science question:

Why does our immune system sometimes reject donar organs? Are there reliable ways of predicting whether or not dnated tissue will likely be rejected? Do our bodies reject prosthetic limbs / organs as well? How do we get around that?

(Okay. So it was more like ten questions. Sticking out tongue )

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Quote:Why does our immune


Why does our immune system sometimes reject donar organs?

The immune system will always reject a donor organ unless supressed. Because they (donar organs) are foreign objects, the cell recognizes them as invaders same as they would with a pathogen. What you've really got to understand is that the immune system is highly fine tuned and it is highly destructive. As such, it must have a very precise mechanism for seperating cells that should be there, and those that should not. Should this system of distinguishing mallfunction, the destructive power of the immune system is unleashed on the body, the consequences take the form of autoimmune disorders such as Lupus or Addison's disease. The system is too fine to allow any other distinguishing. If the cells are not recognized as the body's own, they will be recognized and tagged for destruction. The primary (in jawed vertebrae) form of distinguishing takes the form of the expression of the UDR (Ulta-gene dense region) Major Histocompatibility complex which expresses what are commonly called self and non-self antigens on the surface of every cell (that is, the proteins of MHC genes must be part of the proteome of a cell in a jawed vertebrae). Obviously, the foreign cells will not display the correct self-antigens.

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