Church of England apoligies to Darwin

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Church of England apoligies to Darwin,3111,Charles-Darwin-to-receive-apology-from-the-Church-of-England-for-rejecting-evolution,Telegraph

Also check out the right wing Daily Mail rags reaction to it

Some quite interesting comments on this from both religious and atheist people. It's not particuarly new the 2 main stream European churches (Catholic and CofE) have accepted evolution for many decades and Darwin himself is buried in Westminster Abbey (2nd more important cathedral in the CofE I think).


There are quite a few rumours going around that Rowan Williams is actually an atheist with too much invested in his career. In his chat with Dawkins in his last tv show it looked like 2 atheists having a discussion Smiling





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The reason religion has to

The reason religion has to continually apologize for its atrosities is because it's followers do not understand basic human evolution. The fight or flight of the meme is a artifical representation to protect the group. Truth will always fall prey to superstition when humans more often than not will latch onto a placebo rather than face reality because the placebo keeps the people together.

The anceint Egyptians kept the placebo "Ra" for over 3,000 years. It kept the Pharos in power, but certainly it did not make Ra a real deity, and as a result anyone outside that popular, but false meme held by the Egyptians were considered enimies of the group.

That is what allows Bush to call bombing civilians "collateral damage" and what allows Bin Ladin to get others to slam planes into buildings.

It still sickens me today that people honor the genocidal president Andrew Jackson on our 20 dollar bill.

When humans lose superstition and face the reality that we are all the same species, the affect of dangerous lies being spread can be reduced and humanity will get along much better.

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I liked the comment likeing

I liked the comment likeing it to Galileo. Don't christians notice the pattern that whenever a important discovery is made contary to their beliefs, they fight it only to apoligise a few hundred years later?

This is a good step, but regardless all the christians I know will continue to call evolution a lie with no evidence.

I also forsee there being alot more False Scotsmen around.

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dudeofthemoment wrote:
This is getting redudnant. My patience with the unteachable[atheists] is limited.

Argument from Sadism: Theist presents argument in a wall of text with no punctuation and wrong spelling. Atheist cannot read and is forced to concede.