I'm blowing off some steam, I guess.

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I'm blowing off some steam, I guess.

I've done a lot more lurking than posting in my time as a member of RRS, but I felt like I needed to go ahead and leave a rant, as it hedges on politics, religion, and political correctness.


I now work in a bank, and it's the third of the month.  If you're unaware, this is the day that SSI checks go out to people, and banks are always busy cashing checks for people that have been retired for centuries.

I'm in my late 20s, and I understand that Social Security is something I'm probably not going to get myself, even though I continue paying into it with my wages.  The reason I won't get mine is because these people keep on LIVING. 

When Social Security first came into existence, the average life expectancy of an American was significantly less than it is today (77.8 years if you're born in 2004).  In 1950, for example, men could expect to see 65.6 years, women 71.1.  Seven and a half years is another NINETY checks.

These people didn't pay this much into the system their entire working life.  The politics of the situation is that people should be able to collect what they put into the system, plus interest, and when they've maxed that out, the system should STOP GIVING THEM MONEY.  I'm tired of people with fat retirement accounts, two pensions and their SSI cashing thousands of dollars worth of checks and taking the bus down to the casino to just mindlessly throw that money away.

You can't tell me these people have earned this money - all they've done is continued to breathe.  They keep breathing because they fear death and they don't want to meet Jesus yet, even though they claim that's all they want.

It angers me, that's all.


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