How important is your country?

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How important is your country?

Hi all,

There have been some controversy in the UK and Europe about some Muslims putting their religion before their country , this got me thinking and if I had to say what the top 5 things that were important to me the country I lived in wouldn’t make it  (and that’s as an atheist)



Top 5 not necessary in equal order

My health

Health of friends and family

My personal finances (including job, paying the bills)

Decent TV & Computer Games

Living in a free society ability to argue in the pub without being arrested (that is a property of  the country  I live  in however it’s not unique to my country)

Now I could carry on but I still don't think the UK would make the top 10 (it would get there eventually). I'm not sure atheism would appear at all but keeping religion out of my life would


I was wondering do Americans feel differently, do other Brits feel differently?

Also does anyone actually have any surveys of what people think throughout the world on this. I didnt have much luck finding much