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Galaxy Zoo

Has anybody signed on to work with Galaxy Zoo (  I'm just interested in knowing your experiences with it.  I heard about it on NPR's Science Friday about a Danish woman discovering a new astronomical anomaly which was named after her.

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I haven't but it looks

I haven't but it looks really interesting.

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I've heard about it and the

I've heard about it and the woman you're speaking of... I have no personal experience with the project though, although I do think it's great that it is increasing general interest in science.

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Hi All,I have been on galaxy

Hi All,

I have been on galaxy zoo and its fun. And a bit addictive.

Also, unless there was an other discovery by a woman I don't know about, she was Dutch. (sorry, a bit of irrational national pride on my side)

See link.


Big Willem (from Holland)