Video proof of how harmless religion really is.

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Video proof of how harmless religion really is.

Here we have a moderate (if evangelical) preacher and his flock.


Yep. Religion is so harmless. (And they call us fatalists!)

"Anyone can repress a woman, but you need 'dictated' scriptures to feel you're really right in repressing her. In the same way, homophobes thrive everywhere. But you must feel you've got scripture on your side to come up with the tedious 'Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve' style arguments instead of just recognising that some people are different." - Douglas Murray

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U get wot u look fo ??

U get wot u look fo ??

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Kinda like Gahdi.  Medical

Kinda like Gahdi.  Medical care was bad so he denied his wife treatment.  However, the moment something was wrong with him he immediately went to the doctor.  No doubt this preacher is the same, he probably even has health insurance.