I AM GOD!!!!

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I AM GOD!!!!

I realized years ago that 'God' is impossible.  If we define 'God' as being infinitely omnipresent... this alone leaves no room for any individual being that is separate from anything.  How can a limitless personality that is the Source of All things be separate from anything?  If everything proceeds from God, and we know that everything was made by god (by definition as the ultimate creator), then God imagined  evil, death, disease, etc.  as well as all the 'good' stuff.  EVIL AND GOOD must have come from 'God' because he created all that is.

So... if God is infinitely omnipresent, then God lives in the Infidel!  Therefore, I know that... I AM GOD.

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Actually, that is basically

Actually, that is basically what Advaita Vedanta says, for example. Of course I don't know that they'd use the word God, just "That." Needless to say it is a very different view from the typical theist concept of God as this superego of a personality that looks suspiciously like it was created in man's image.


So... if God is infinitely omnipresent, then God lives in the Infidel!  Therefore, I know that... I AM GOD.


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Heck , IMO , If you ain't

Heck , IMO , If you ain't god you is fucked up ! The religious loons don't own the word GOD. Fuck their stupid god(s) ....

   I am God , 10 min , the one from Gisburne2000  (note: when links don't work type in the title into youtube or google videos)                                                                      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QYx3m-piLA